General Therapy

Counseling Psychologists is a safe place to start or continue your mental health journey. Anxiety, depression, difficult life transitions, stress, relationship concerns, and more – patients visit for support with numerous different challenges. The practice specializes in providing comprehensive care based on each patients’ individual needs.  

Dr. Schwartz has been in practice for over 20 years and provides psychotherapy for adolescents and adults, with a particular subspecialty in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and gender-related concerns.

Interpersonal Concerns

Social connections and relationships are a huge part of life, so much so that they cannot be avoided. Difficulties in creating and maintaining healthy personal and professional relationships can stem from a number of different issues, such as lack of trust, dependencies, poor communication, social anxiety, power struggles, and much, much more. It’s important to face these struggles and find solutions because turmoil within relationships is bound to spill over into other areas of life. Feelings, thoughts, and behaviors can be the cause of a disability to properly bond with others, so finding the root of these issues and the proper treatments to alleviate them takes a trained professional.  

Counseling Psychologists work with individuals and couples who are in need of the correct tools and practices to approach the relationships in their lives. These therapists provide unique treatment plans designed especially for each patient so that they can begin building the desired relationships in a productive way.

Couples Therapy

Counseling Psychologists provides a safe place for couples struggling to navigate a wide range of challenges and life changes together. From communication breakdowns to troubling behavior in a child, attending therapy together gives each member the chance to have an equal voice while also receiving familial support. Working with a professional from Counseling Psychologists will help improve the overall health of the family unit by exploring the nature of your challenges and finding the right tools to reach an effective solution.

Sex Therapy

Facing sexual dissatisfaction can be extremely stressful and difficult to talk about it. Sexual dysfunctions may appear in any phase of the sexual response phase and can contribute to a number of different problems that prevent a person or their partner from fully enjoying their sex life.

This is not an uncommon problem. The Cleveland Clinic found that 43% of women and 30% of men face some form of sexual dysfunction, but many do not seek treatment out of embarrassment or fear.

Dr. Schwartz is one of the few psychologists who is a Certified Sex Therapist in the Kansas City area. With her advanced expertise in the field, she has assisted many people revitalize and take back control of their sexual satisfaction. Dr. Schwartz offers professional and confidential support that will help clarify the root cause, be that stress, anxiety, relationship complications, etc. She also treats gender-related concerns.